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For all large commercial and industrial applications requiring maximum refrigeration capability we provide the right product for the right application.   Sullair Screw Compressors have a high reliability rate thereby minimizing maintenance and repair costs while maintaining low noise and vibration levels within the machine room.


The Sullair B Series Refrigeration Booster Screw Compressor gives you the most advanced design incorporating many years of experience in the screw compressor field. The single stage, positive displacement, pluse-free compressor includes the following design features:


  • Non-symmetrical motor profile
  • 150 PSI design casing
  • Compressor driven, positive displacement oil pump
  • Oil flooded, carbon face shaft seal
  •  Anti-friction roller bearings


Oil is injected into the compressor unit and mixes directly with the refrigerant as the rotors turn compressing the gas. The oil has three functions:


  • As a coolant, it controls the rise of the gas temperature associated with the heat of compression
  • As a sealant, it seals the leakage paths between each rotor and the staor and also between the two rotors
  • As a lubricant, it acts as a lubricating film between the rotors allowing the male rotor to directly drive the female rotor




Sullair Screw Compressor CB Series



B Series Manual



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